Corian Design Releases New Colors: Eight Solid Surface & One Quartz

Corian® Design Color Launch – Willis is excited to unveil nine new aesthetics.

Corian® Design launches 9 new colors, which can be used in various residential and commercial applications. The new color collection celebrates nature’s beauty, boasting an array of on-trend aesthetics that will inspire creativity and enhance the visual appeal of any space. Many of the colors contain recycled content, which makes an impact in the design world, not on the environment. The Corian Design color launch represents the company’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that enable customers to achieve their design goals.

Made in North America – Corian® Solid Surface slabs are produced in Buffalo, N.Y., United States, and crafted with skill and dedication, resulting in the high-quality Corian® Solid Surface customers continue to value and trust for over 50 years. DuPont’s Corian® Quartz manufacturing facility is located in Thetford Mines, Que., Canada, and is the only DuPont facility in the world to produce Corian® Quartz.


New Corian® Solid Surface Private Collection – Nuwoods

Two updated Nuwood colors flawlessly bridge nature and design. These aesthetics combine the natural look of wood with the high-performance benefits of Solid Surface (easy to clean, hygienic, durable, repairable and bendable).



New Corian® Solid Surface Terrain Aesthetics

The Terrain aesthetics encompass four new looks that include cool white, beige, and warm gray backgrounds. These earthy aesthetics are nuanced with tone-on-tone elements. Each contains recycled content* and are designed to be affordable options, well-suited for healthcare and other commercial applications.


*Contains recycled content, pending SCS certification in Q4, 2023


New Corian® Solid Surface Terrazzo Aesthetics

Terrazzo is a composite material traditionally made of marble, quartz, or granite chips set in cement. It was first used in 16th-century Italy to recycle unused marble pieces left over from mosaics – making Terrazzo one of the original recycled materials. Today, Corian® Solid Surface takes this historic material style to a trendy new level, with contemporary and classic colors set in light and neutral backgrounds.



New Corian® Quartz Aesthetic Added to the London Collection

Back by popular demand, the original London Sky aesthetic has been refreshed and given a new name – London Royal. This color joins London Abbey and the current London Sky, completing the family. Each color offers a timeless appearance with gray veining. These aesthetics are Made in Canada.