Get inspired and create with Arpa high pressure laminates

Created for architecture, furniture and interior design.

For its craft skills and techniques acquired in over 60 years of history. For its investments in research and technology. For its focus on sustainability. For the design and the quality of products made in Italy. Arpa HPL is more than a regular laminate or smart surface. Arpa designs and produces solutions that make any environment or piece of furniture original and creative.

Features & benefits

The high-pressure laminates designed by Arpa Industriale have all the style of a made in Italy product. They combine excellent aesthetic quality with properties and virtues of interest to those who conceive or create interior design solutions, starting from ductility and strength.


Is able to withstand impacts of blunt objects without damage.

Scratch, Wear and Tear Resistant

Its density makes it resistant to scratches and wear.


It does not suffer damage from UV rays and is not subject to discoloration.

Easy to Clean

Its smooth surface does not allow dirt to stick.


Temperature changes do not affect its properties.


The nonporous surface makes it hygienic and easy to clean.

Suitable for Food

Being hygienic and heat resistant, it is suitable for contact with food.

Popular Finishes of Arpa HPL

Behind the apparent simplicity of high-pressure laminates lies a highly-evolved technology requiring powerful production facilities as well as a sizable investment in research and development to create high-quality beautiful laminates. Explore the popular finishes below.

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Alevè (ALE)

The Alevè finish is designed to emphasize the beauty and tactile quality of the wood decors in the Arpa HPL collection. The natural feeling of the texture is inspired by the ancient forest of Alevè, in Piedmont, Italy.

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Erre (R)

The Erre finish is known for its silky-smooth compact surfaces which soften colors and highlight the harmony of composition.

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Ghibli (GHI)

The Ghibli finish is an in-depth finish which intensifies our perception of different volumes and color contrasts.

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Luna (LUN)

The Luna finish has a rough surface that is nice to touch, which enhances the decor by reproducing the geometries of stones. The timeless appeal of the lunar landscape. A brand new finish dedicated to worktops, with impressive depth and strong tactile experience.

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Mika (MK)

The small “shiny droplets” stimulated by light embellish HPL decors with the Mika finish. An innovative finish that enhances decorative matter invoking the natural effect of quartz release in cut stone.

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Urban (URB)

The Urban finish is a sophisticated combination of concrete and stone, a lightweight structure, pleasant to touch. The delicate materiality reliefs of Urban are perfect for projects with discrete charm.

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Lucida (LU)

The Lucida finish creates a mirror-finish surface: a showpiece of the Arpa production. This finish gives a unique sheen to surfaces.

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Colors of Arpa HPL

A thin HPL stock collection to inspire imagination and create new interior design solutions. Thanks to continuous innovation, Arpa’s finishes interpret in a unique way the material dimension of high-pressure laminates.

The power to be creative

The perfect combination between decor, colour, design and texture, discover our range of Arpa HPL laminates.

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