Lapitec® sintered stone. An innovative through-body material.

Made for both exterior and interior applications

Features & Benefits

The perfect example of Italian style, Lapitec sintered stone is an innovative “full-body” material that boasts many attractive features as the ideal solution for long-lasting surfaces. Available in large format slabs, it unites aesthetic design appeal and the superior mechanical and physical properties of porcelain with the elegance, workability, colors, and typical finishes of natural stone.

Safe for Interior and Exterior

Lapitec sintered stone provides diverse solutions for construction and furnishing, with the dimensions required by designers. Being a “full-body” material, it is easy to work with and can be utilized in countless applications both internally and externally.

100% Silica Free

In response to the new health regulations in place in many countries around the world, Lapitec has patented a mineral formula for a material that is entirely free of crystalline silica. As of 2022 the entire pallet is 100% Silica free. Composed of a mixture of 100% natural minerals and already free of resins, digital prints, and other petroleum derivatives, the Lapitec family of surfaces has now achieved an additional objective in terms of sustainability and safety, without sacrificing any of its performance characteristics.

Strong & long-lasting

Long-lasting, Lapitec sintered stone was developed using exclusive technology that creates exceptional properties of strength. Each slab is weatherproof, resistant to acids, alkalis, deep abrasions, fire, frost, and is unaffected by UV rays.


This sintered stone material is non-porous and resistant to staining, mold, and bacteria. It is also very easily cleaned and extremely low-maintenance.

Large Format

Lapitec is the sintered stone surface with the largest size available on the market today. It is manufactured in XXL slabs, with calibrated thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm, or 30mm.


Lapitec sintered stone is produced with maximum respect for both people and the environment. It is completely inert, containing no resins or petroleum derivatives.


Popular finishes of Lapitec

Lapitec surfaces are not decorated or glazed. Just like natural stone, the slabs are calibrated to the required thickness and then polished, finished, bush-hammered, or sand-blasted to achieve the required finish. Behind the apparent simplicity of natural sintered stone lies a highly-evolved technology requiring powerful production facilities as well as research and development to create high-quality, beautiful finishes. Explore our stocked finishes below.

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A new meaning of luminosity. The Lapitec® slabs in the LUX collection have a highly reflective polished finish radiating luminosity. LUX is the ideal choice for kitchen worktops, countertops, indoor and outdoor cladding.

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Soft to the touch and elegant as silk. The SATIN finish is easy to clean thanks to the silky sheen. SATIN is the ideal choice for kitchen worktops and countertops, outdoor and indoor cladding and for commercial and residential flooring.

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The strength and vitality of volcanic magma. A tactile and smooth yet finely textured surface that provides anti-slip properties. VELLUTO minimizes the appearance fingerprints for darker colors such as Nero Assoluto.

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lapitec sintered stone - flooring
lapitec sintered stone - kitchen
lapitec sintered stone - outdoor paving
lapitec decks and patios with pool
lapitec sintered stone - tabletops
lapitec sintered stone - food service
lapitec sintered stone
lapitec decks and patios with stairs
lapitec sintered stone - outdoor paving
lapitec sintered stone
lapitec sintered stone - outdoor paving
lapitec decks and patios with pool
lapitec sintered stone - kitchen
lapitec sintered stone - kitchen
lapitec sintered stone - paving
lapitec decks and patios
lapitec sintered stone - food service tabletops
lapitec sintered stone - outdoor bench

Colors of Lapitec

A product of years of research and the world’s first sintered stone slab with through-body veining. Lapitec sintered stone is available in a range of colors and finishes for numerous applications such as indoor/outdoor kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, indoor/outdoor cladding, fireplaces, swimming pools, patios, etc. The designers at Lapitec seek out and respond to new trends and market needs and transform those into solutions. Purity, versatility, and strength in a single collection; a revolutionary material that breaks all boundaries.

Naturally Italian. Natural aesthetics.

From strong contemporary hues to delicate veining and soft patterns, Lapitec sintered stone offers exclusive through-body slabs that create great visual impact and can be mirrored.

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