Defining our purpose & DNA

Willis exists to “inspire, educate, solve and supply” in collaboration with multidisciplinary design and fabrication communities who create environments that enrich the lives of people wherever they live, work, play, shop or gather.

We are proud to represent premium design material manufacturers which include Corian® Solid Surface, Corian® Quartz, Corian® Endura, Lapitec® sintered stone, Arpa®, FENIX®, KOHLER® and Sterling® by KOHLER.

At Willis, we define ourselves as “empowering, purposeful, a bit quirky and approachable”. These four pillars define the commitment and our purpose that we promise to our internal and external partners.


Inspiration + Education

Willis collaborates with the design community and fabricators so they can do what they love – design, build and fabricate with premium design materials. Our purpose is to provide invaluable support, education and training coupled with design inspiration and solutions that help create functional and alluring spaces.

Our partners work on multidisciplinary interior and exterior design solutions. They focus on creating spaces to enhance our lifestyle and create safer and healthier environments; Including, healthcare facilities, public, retail, and corporate spaces, as well as residential living areas – our partners, are the true heroes in creating these environments.


Solution Driven

For our design partners

Willis exists to assist the design community by offering relevant design material solutions and education to real-world design problems. With global market-leading products in our portfolio, these materials are designed to make the world a safer, healthier, and better place to live. 

For our fabrication partners

Willis exists to drive and connect opportunities directly to our fabrication network – who transform design solutions into reality. Our distribution, supply chain, training and customer service strategies are intentionally designed to support and elevate our partners.

Whichever channel we might be working in at the moment, we pride ourselves in being the trusted solution provider to all our partners – working side-by-side through the entire design and construction process. Our approach to servicing our external partners has always been intentional, purposeful and aimed to meet our partner’s needs.


It’s the Willis Way

Here at Willis we stay connected through shared visions, goals and values. We maintain an attitude of curiosity, fearlessness, risk-taking and creativity around every task – knowing it takes an entire team to reach success. Just like a rubber-band ball requires each rubber band to work together to bounce effectively – it’s a “Willis thing”.

Our employees and culture are the heart of our company and are our most valuable assets. They are what sets us apart from others and is why we invest in our “Homecoming” event each year with our entire staff to re-connect, re-energize and celebrate our accomplishments – it’s a “Willis thing”.

Our culture and values encourages each other to constantly strengthen new and seasoned relationships, look for opportunities to improve in all aspects of what we do, stay true to our character in all situations, as well as support continuing education for both personal and professional growth – these four cornerstones are known as R.O.C.K. (Relationships, Opportunity, Character and Knowledge) – it’s a “Willis thing”.


Genuine + Authentic

At Willis, we pride ourselves as being genuine, open and honest – it’s part of our DNA. We strive to treat our employees and partners fairly. We speak the truth and genuinely care and respect all our relationships.

Our culture is driven by a simple set of guidelines each employee has at their disposal – Our Guiding Principles.These guidelines were created to help empower our employees to best support one another, their growth, decision-making, and our partners.

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A summary of what Willis believes in and how we operate

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