Lapitec® Unveils Six New Colors

Lapitec® Sintered Stone Adds Six New Full-Bodied Colors to its Musa Collection

Lapitec® Sintered Stone is a 100% natural material made in Italy. It is appreciated on the international market for its aesthetic and performance characteristics. With a natural formula free of crystalline silica, it comes in large ‘full body’ slabs, meaning the patterns run through the thickness of the slab and are not simply printed on top. Lapitec offers both practical advantages as well as aesthetic appeal.

These characteristics are emphasized in the new 2023 color range: Bianco Serena, Bianco Angelica, Bianco Andromeda, Bianco Olimpia, Bianco Atena and Bianco Giulia.

From the softness of Bianco Serena, with golden veins on a chromatic base, to the geometric light grey veining of Bianco Atena, the new colors offer five unique interpretations of the white theme, suitable for any project.

“Lapitec does not use inks or petroleum derivatives,” explains Marcello Toncelli, the third generation at the brand’s helm.

“That’s why the range draws on earthy tones, in white, black and grey in different shades. Research never stops at Lapitec, and these new colors are designed to meet the demands of the kitchen market in particular, which is of fundamental importance to us and an integral part of Lapitec’s development strategy for the coming years.”

New Colors For 2023

BIANCO SERENA – Features dense, golden veins with a color base tending towards ivory. Captivating sinuosity and timeless charm.

BIANCO ANGELICA – Has the same sinuosity as the Bianco Serena shade, with a light base and a variety of hues in the veins. Gold and pink are mixed here with different shades of grey.

BIANCO ANDROMEDA – Veins that burst out in an irregular pattern of different shades of grey: from the lightest and gentlest, to the darkest and sharpest.

BIANCO OLIMPIA – A strong character, with prominent veins immersed in rivers of light grey shades.

BIANCO ATENA – A pure, white base in Bianco Assoluto, marked by sharp, rigorous veins that neatly cut across the XXL-size slabs.

BIANCO GIULIA – A vein tone with darkness and intensity that gives a very natural effect, adding unique personality to the rooms it envelops.