The fabrication manuals below are designed to provide simple and authoritative instructions for the techniques required for the successful fabrication and installation of the products below.

It is important to note that the techniques listed have been designed to optimize the performance of the products – in line with their chemical formulations and exclusive performance properties.

  • Corian Solid Surface
  • Corian Quartz
  • Corian Endura
  • Lapitec
  • Fenix

Video Resources

DuPont has created this silica dust safety video to help educate our customers and those who fabricate with Corian® Quartz on the personal exposure and health hazards associated with silica dust and engineering controls, personal protective equipment and techniques/procedures that can be taken to reduce or eliminate this exposure.

Viewing of this video by the fabricators has been and is still is a requirement of the signed AMI/AZI contracts.

Downloadable Resources

Downloadable Resources

FENIX – Fabrication Manual
Nov 1, 2019
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