Integrated Corian® Solid Surface Sinks & Lavs

Corian sinks & lavs are available in a range of prefabricated shapes and styles and can be easily combined and seamlessly integrated with Corian® Solid Surface and Corian® Quartz materials in a multitude of applications and settings.

Features & Benefits

Beauty, functionality, durability, stain resistance, hygiene, and easy care are just some of the reasons why Corian sinks & lavs are the perfect addition to your design.

Seamless Integration

Color-coordinated Joint Adhesive bonds Corian sinks & lavs to the countertop with inconspicuous seams. This seamless application results in a smooth, continuous surface from countertop to sink, meaning there are no crevices to trap dirt and bacteria.

Nonporous and Stain-Resistant

Corian sinks & lavs are nonporous and hygienic, just like Corian Solid Surface for countertops. Its smooth surface does not allow liquids or surface stains to penetrate making it extremely easy to clean. Bacteria and mold also have nowhere to take root.


Corian sinks & lavs keep their good looks and can survive the impact of daily use in any residential or commercial application.

Code Compliant

Corian sinks & lavs are listed by Home Innovation Research Lab and UL as meeting the requirements of the Uniform Plumbing Code.


Corian sinks & lavs have a non-porous surface that prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material. Everyday cleaning can be done with warm, soapy water and any marks or stains will stay on the surface and can be easily removed with a Scotchbrite® pad and household cleaner.

Entire Collection of Corian Sinks & Lavs

Corian® Design™ sinks offer design versatility, functionality, & durability.
Create a seamless transition from countertop to sink.



10″ x 15¾” x 4⅜”

Product Details


15¾” x 15¾” x 8⅛”

Product Details


15¾” x 17⅝” x 8¼”

Product Details


10½” x 12½” x 6½”

Product Details


17⅜” x 13⅜” x 7⅞”

Product Details


16″ x 16″ x 11¾”

Product Details


18″ x 18″ x 9″

Product Details



17¾” x 10¾” x 4⅝”

Product Details


19½” x 12½” x 5″

Product Details


19½” x 12½” x 5″

Product Details




14⅛” x 16¾” x 4½”

Product Details



20⅞” x 15⅝” x 7⅜”

Product Details


27⅛” x 17″ x 8½”

Product Details



15¾” x 15¾” x 6⅞”

Product Details


27½” x 15¾” x 6⅞”

Product Details


28½” x 16¾” x 7½”

Product Details


15⅛” x 16¾” x 7½”

Product Details


27¾” x 16½” x 8¾”

Product Details



16½” x 13⅛” x 5½”

Product Details


16⅝” x 13″ x 5″

Product Details


20½” x 14⅜” x 6¼”

Product Details


17¾” x 10¾” x 5⅝”

Product Details


14¾” x 10½” x 5½”

Product Details


27″ x 16″ x 5½”

Product Details


15¼” x 13⅞” x 5¼”

Product Details


15¼” x 13⅞” x 5¼”

Product Details


18″ x 12¾” x 5″

Product Details


18″ x 12¾” x 4½”

Product Details



14″ x 14″ x 5″

Product Details


22½” x 12½” x 6⅛”

Product Details

Corian Sinks & Lavs for every application

Corian® sinks & lavs are an innovative product that can be used for a variety of residential and commercial applications. They offer design versatility, functionality, and durability. Choose from a range of prefabricated shapes and styles to complete your design vision whether it be for healthcare, hospitality, residential, or a new-build!

Healthcare Sinks

Corian Solid Surface offers a versatile and elegant line of sinks, perfect for any healthcare environment. From baby baths that contour to a newborn baby to operating rooms for both pre-and post-operation cleaning procedures.

View Healthcare Sinks

Commercial Restroom Sinks

As with any public space, your designs for the restroom represent cleanliness and hygiene for the high-traffic, everyday use of them. Corian Solid Surface integrated sinks & lavs offer inspirational variety, longevity and elegance to embody your large or small restroom design ideas.

View Restroom Sinks

Residential Kitchen Sinks

When choosing a sink for your kitchen, you can always count on the highest levels of longevity in performance, versatility, and easy maintenance with Corian® Design. Built to last, Corian sinks allow you to create a sink feature that fits within your plans perfectly.

View Kitchen Sinks

Residential Bathroom Sinks

As with any interior scheme, your designs for the bathroom represent an opportunity to realize your unique style. Corian® Design offers inspirational variety, longevity, and elegance to embody your design ideas with its sinks & lavatories.

View Bathroom Sinks

Unique characteristics of Corian Sinks

Whatever your design vision may be – bespoke features made with Corian are easy to include in your plans. The versatility that Corian Solid Surface offers means custom solutions can be created in any size, shape, style, or color. Explore the unique characteristics of Corian sinks & lavs below that will make your next project stand out.

Integrated Drainboards

The details are in the design. This high-functioning design detail is a must for any kitchen countertop which helps keep countertops clean and dry by containing water from freshly washed dishes and channeling it straight into the sink, down the drain. Eliminate bulky pans and racks with a sleek integrated drainboard.

corian integrated drainboard
corian integrated drainboard
corian integrated drainboard
corian integrated drainboard
Seamless Integration with Corian® Quartz

Corian sinks & lavs can be seamlessly integrated with not only Corian Solid Surface countertops but also Corian Quartz! Create one continuous surface using seamless under mounting techniques and Corian Joint Adhesive. This eliminates rims that trap dirt and water, minimizing cleaning and maintenance, and creating a more hygienic surface.

corian quartz vanity with corian sink
corian quartz vanity with corian sink
corian quartz vanity with corian sink
corian quartz vanity with corian sink

Downloadable BIM Files

Architects and designers now have instant access to Corian colors, sinks, counter, and panel shapes in Revit® and other design software — simplifying the material, shape, and color specification process. View the entire Corian® BIM Material Library and Downloadable Object Files here: BIM File Library

Downloadable Resources

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