LEGO flagship store features 3200 life-size Corian® Solid Surface LEGO pieces

The enormous new LEGO flagship store occupies 6,500 square feet of prime real estate in West Edmonton Mall.

3200 individual Corian® Solid Surface ‘LEGO’ pieces were milled, cut, wrapped and stacked around the four walls of this freestanding store. It is constructed of 3 colors of Corian: ¼” Glacier White, ½” Imperial Yellow, & ½” Silver Grey. Each sheet of half-inch was milled down to ¼” to achieve a cohesive look with the Glacier White. That in itself was no easy task!

High fives to the wonderful team at PF Custom Countertops for their meticulous work milling sheets, cutting thousands of individual blocks to the same size and several hundred more to custom sizes! They worked meticulously & under tight timelines. The craftsmanship shows and the store came together flawlessly! Definitely a project for the books!

Corian® Solid Surface is an incredible material for both horizontal and vertical applications within any public space that sees heavy traffic every day – explore Wall Cladding, Displays & Kiosks, Transaction Counters, and more. Turn walls into focal points with cutting edge designs that bring out a brands creativity. Wall panels are easy to maintain and require minimal upkeep – they’re made to withstand impact, not easy to damage and show much less wear and tear than typical drywall!

Corian® Solid Surface makes creative visions real. Designed to offer choice and adaptability, Corian® Solid Surface can be counted on to play any part within a design scheme. Inspiring arrays of decorative options are possible including CNC pattern cutting, thermoformed curves, inlays and dramatic backlighting effects. Talk you your local Willis Sales Rep to learn more today!

Designer: Lego
Fab & Install: PF Custom Countertops
Millworkers: Beyersbergen Interiors Ltd
Corian® Product Specialist: Jennifer Tucker – Willis