Lapitec®: The Completely “Silica-Free” Sintered Stone

Willis is excited to announce that all Lapitec products are completely silica-free.

In response to the new health regulations in place in many countries worldwide, Lapitec has patented a mineral formula for a material that is entirely free of crystalline silica.

While some countries still allow certain amounts, others – such as the United States and Australia – have already introduced strict regulations prohibiting crystalline silica in all materials, making this one of the most widely discussed topics in construction and architecture spheres in recent months. Inhalation of dust containing crystalline silica, naturally present in all clay, granite, quartz and sandstone, can cause silicosis and other chronic respiratory diseases.

In 2021 Lapitec committed to eliminating crystalline silica from its product range, and in 2022 it is now officially silica free. The Italian company had already begun the process with the colors Bianco AssolutoNero Assoluto and the Musa collection and can now add the remainder of the range. Composed of a mixture of 100% natural minerals and already free of resins, digital prints, and other petroleum derivatives, the Lapitec family of surfaces has now achieved an additional objective in terms of sustainability and safety without sacrificing any of its performance characteristics.

“We have been experimenting for a long time, and have invested significant resources over the past decade to achieve this outstanding result, which we are very proud of,” commented Marcello Toncelli, the third generation of the family at the helm of the company. “Using natural minerals, we have found a way to synthesize a new mineral that we have called Biorite. A Lapitec exclusive that, together with the other components of the mixture, makes the material completely ‘silica-free’ and safe for fabricators, installers and anyone mechanically processing the material, starting with our own workers.”

As a confirmation, every Lapitec material slab comes with a silica-free Lapitec logo. 

Biorite joins the list of inventions registered by Lapitec, which, thanks to the advanced technologies of the parent company, Breton S.p.A., boasts more than 25 patents. These advances make sintered stone a unique material, resistant to sudden changes in temperature, frost and high temperatures, impacts and scratches, and equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its pore-free surface and full-body composition without the use of digital prints.

And so this new year brings another milestone: “Before the invention of Biorite only a few colors in the collection had zero crystalline silica. But today we are able to extend this feature to our entire range. Ours is above all a natural and sustainable product, which cares for people and the planet,” Marcello concluded. “The ability to create certain raw materials internally also makes us more autonomous, allowing the company to respond to the current shortage of raw materials that is paralyzing the global market.”


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