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Designers are no longer stuck in the box — they’re taking vivid, exciting, and compelling new directions incorporating curves into design.

  • Corian Solid Surface

Natural curves

Sinuous curves are as desirable in design as they are in the natural world. Easy on the eye, they create a dramatic, sensual style. They can also bring warmth to an environment or provide an ergonomically safe space.

The versatility of Corian®

To create those curves, count on versatile Corian® Solid Surface. Flexible when heated, Corian® Solid Surface can be thermoformed into many shapes or worked like wood to give perfectly rounded edges.

An innovative solution

With Corian® Solid Surface, you’ll experience the freedom to create innovative solutions for almost any design scenario — from a shaped recliner that fits the body’s contours to a booth that encloses the users in their own private world.

Corian Color Collection

Explore all of the colors available for this Corian® product. We’re certain you’ll find the right solution for your design.

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