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  • Corian Solid Surface
  • Futrus
  • Fenix
  • Arpa

Form and function in perfect harmony

Built upon the marriage of form and function, Corian® Solid Surface is built tough from the core, perfect for applications in educational institutions offering durability, versatility, long-term value and style. This material is also thermoformable meaning when heated, you can bend it and curve it into any shape – whether it be a round table, curved bench, a study pod, you name it.

Innovative. Flexible. Durable. Renewable.

Corian® Solid Surface furniture helps architects and designers achieve sustainable and functional commercial spaces. With lightweight construction techniques, formed into any shape or design that is completely seamless, these surfaces reduce maintenance and replacement costs while being completely renewable on-site.

Corian® Solid Surface value:

  • Award-winning, innovative evidence-based design
  • Advanced construction
  • Adaptability
  • Durability
  • Sustainability
  • Customization of key features
  • Long-term value


Corian Color Collection

Explore all of the colors available for this Corian® product. We’re certain you’ll find the right solution for your design.

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Prefabricated, easy-to-specify

Futrus® is America’s leading innovator of solid surface casework and furniture for commercial and healthcare environments. Their easy-to-specify, finished modular solutions are setting new standards for durability, design flexibility, long-term value, and style made with seamless Corian® Solid Surface.

Durable and hygienic

Futrus® solutions are designed to provide greater hygiene, durability and design flexibility than traditional solutions, including those made of stainless steel. When compared to stainless steel, they are also more cost-effective.

Futrus® Occasional Tables

Futrus® Occasional tables offer exceptional durability, hygiene and long-term value. Available in a variety of Corian® Solid Surface and Corian® Quartz surfaces, shapes, sizes and technology options for even greater functionality including wireless charging. Ideal for libraries, common spaces, office waiting rooms, lounges, etc.

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Futrus® Parsons Tables

Futrus® Parsons Tables are designed to be the most adaptable parsons-style furniture on the market. Hygienic and designed for maximum durability and cleanability to withstand heavy use and abuse. A simple modular design that fits many environments with the option for technology integration. Ideal for libraries, common spaces, cafeterias, computer labs, study rooms etc.

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Futrus® Benches

Futrus® Adaptz Benches provide ultimate durability, even in wet environments. Our unique patented moisture-resistant structural framing combines with seamless, non-porous Corian® surfaces that resist mold growth and will not discolor with chlorine or bleach. They can be paired with parsons tables or provide stand-alone seating with the ability to span up to 10 feet in length without additional support. Ideal for locker rooms, hallways, waiting rooms, and common rooms.

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Futrus® Café Tables

A range of table styles available in Corian®, Corian® Quartz and Corian® Terrazzo. Designed to provide unrivalled durability, cleanability and long-term value. Available in a wide choice of colors, heights, base styles and edge treatments to create a custom look. Ideal for libraries, cafeterias, campus cafés, and common areas.

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Futrus® Solutions for Education

There is a wide range of modular solutions available, inspired by timeless geometric shapes and designed to provide a low-maintenance, high-quality solution, prefabricated and easy to specify.

Ultra-hygienic, ultra matt

FENIX NTM® can be applied both vertically and horizontally, to add that modern matt finish to any furniture application with ultra-hygienic properties. Thanks to nanotechnology, FENIX NTM® surfaces are anti-bacterial, extremely easy to clean and anti-fingerprint – perfect for busy educations spaces.

Created from next-generation acrylic resins

FENIX NTM® is created from well-researched, well-tested next-generation acrylic resins – highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, acid-based solvents, and household reagents. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible. FENIX NTM® surfaces have a unique non-porous external layer, allowing the material to stay neat with simple, everyday care and cleaning methods.

FENIX Color Collection

Explore all of the colors available for this FENIX product. We’re certain you’ll find the right solution for your design.

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Easy to work with and extremely strong

The high-pressure laminates designed by Arpa Industriale combine excellent aesthetic quality with properties and virtues of interest to those who conceive or create interior design solutions, starting from ductility and strength. Arpa’s HPL is a material that is both easy to work with and extremely strong: resistant to scratches, impact, abrasion, chemical substances, and heat. These characteristics make it ideal for a wide range of applications; which include furniture.

Antibacterial and fireproof

Arpa laminate can be, in fact, antibacterial and fireproof, therefore making it especially suitable for applications in public places or in places where a high degree of hygiene is particularly important. The non-porous, smooth surface does not allow dirt to stick to the surface and is incredibly easy to clean.

Arpa Color Collection

Explore all of the colors available for this Arpa product. We’re certain you’ll find the right solution for your design.

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