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In designing today’s modern learning environments, every surface needs to deliver both beautiful design, longevity, and high performance. With the process of dye sublimation, you can achieve great designs while using a premium surface that will last a lifetime.

  • Corian Solid Surface

Corian® Solid Surface, the perfect blank canvas

The seamless appearance of Corian® Solid Surface makes for a perfect, blank canvas. Image transfer with dye sublimation means that color images can be embedded into the surface. Similar to the art of tattooing, dye sublimation involves permanently transferring images into the solid surface material. The printed Corian® Solid Surface can then be fabricated and thermoformed in the same way unprinted sheets are processed.

Dye sublimation process:

  • Under heat and pressure, and using specialized equipment, the image is thermally transferred directly into the Corian® Solid Surface (like a tattoo).
  • Once sublimated, the high-quality image is permanently preserved into the Corian® Solid Surface resulting in a highly durable imaging surface.
  • Many dye sublimation applications can be back-illuminated as well.
  • No post imaging coating is necessary with dye sublimation.

Corian Color Collection

Explore all of the colors available for this Corian® product. We’re certain you’ll find the right solution for your design.

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